The Road to Success Starts at WES!

Fun in the sun and sand ~ in Vermont in October!!!

Third Grade River Study

Scenes from our Westward Expansion May Day Celebration

Upcoming Events

Oct 13th    Inservice (NO CLASSES)
Oct 17th 4th Grade to Prosper Hill 10-2:30 
Oct 24thEnd of Marking Period 
Oct 24th Night of the Great Pumpkin 5:30-7:00
Oct 29th Pentangle Grade (5&6 9:30) (3&4 12:30) 
Oct 31st Halloween Parade                                
Nov 10thBoard Meeting 4:30 
Nov 11th    Veterans Day NO SCHOOL 
Nov 20th    Pentangle 10:00 K,1,2,3 
Nov 26th-28thThanksgiving Break 
Dec 2ndArt & Music Presentation (K) 6-6:50 
Dec 3rd Art & Music Presentation (1st) 6-6:50 
Dec 4thArt & Music Presentation (2nd) 6-6:50 
Dec 4th-9th     Book Fair! 

WANTED: Used clothing for K-3 graders, particularly sweatpants and sweatshirts. We keep a collection for borrowing when needed. Please drop off donations to Mrs. Sudol and thank you!

After and before pictures of the back gardens.


We are WES: 

  • We are safe!
  • We are kind to others.
  • We take care of materials.
  • We include others in work and play.
  • We make our best effort.

Lunch Menu School Meal Program Overview  

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